Geobridge Corporation
520 Brickell Key Drive
Suite O-206
Miami, Florida 33131




We like to think of ourselves as a different kind of consultancy. Rather than providing solutions “with the customer in mind”, we design them with the customer involved. As a result, our clients profit from eBusiness systems that bring measurable benefits to their organizations, are based on the most effective technologies, and at the same time fit exactly their needs and resources.

Our concept of eBusiness far exceeds the common notion of “buying and selling products and services over the Internet”. We understand eBusiness as the strategic use of information and communication technology (including, but not limited to, the Internet) to interact with customers, prospects, and partners through multiple communication and distribution channels.

Therefore, our focus is to provide the capability to manage information from these multichannel activities and derive maximum value from every interaction. We go far beyond simple process automation, using a method where we provide strategic direction, translate ideas and concepts into functional specifications, build, implement, and maintain custom designed systems.

There are many solution providers available, but as opposed to the web-design shops that evolved into development companies, our business was established over 8 years ago and still has the same goal: creating business enhancement solutions, that will ultimately provide our clients a sustained competitive advantage.


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