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The use of external service providers by organizations around the world is becoming critical in the implementation and management of IT-based solutions. In addition, outsourcing is playing an increasingly important role in implementing overall business strategies and tactics.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing is the ability to obtain effective resources (i.e., ensuring that the right talents are delivered at the right time for the right price). It also provides a pool of staff members who are the most experienced in the required disciplines without the burden of training, recruiting, benefits, or even office space.

Our outsourcing programs allow corporations to focus on their core businesses, and at the same time to tap into a knowledge pool of best practices acquired from our cross-industry experience.

We often work in partnership with IT consultants and web design firms, providing advanced programming abilities that are outside their existing skill sets. In this case we act completely behind the scenes delegating all billing and contractual issues to the hiring firm.

We offer different options in terms of contractual relationships ranging from project to annuity-based.

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