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Today, Information Security has become a strategic business issue. The more sophisticated Information Systems become, the more likely they are of being targets of attacks. At the same time, costs of successful network attacks also become much higher as organizations rely more on these systems for their operations.

Consequently, the time and costs associated with monitoring all external connections, internal activities, and vulnerabilities are becoming overwhelming. Everyday, new vulnerabilities are discovered in operating systems, server software, Internet applications, firewalls and other security devices, transforming network security into a continuous battle. Like technology, security must continue to evolve.

To make problems worse, organizations often rely on firewalls and software packages that create a false sense of security. Like a safe or an alarm, firewalls and Intrusion-detection systems are worthless if nobody responds when they sound. There is no amount of passive protection that will withstand indefinitely to attacks from outside or inside your network.

Finally, most companies seem to be focusing on the wrong risks and ignoring evidence that the majority of attacks originate from inside a company's network.

Therefore, many corporations must rethink their overall strategy and its effectiveness in generating a secure IT infrastructure-Rather than buying new software and systems, companies should be looking toward education, training and policy initiatives.

Our answer to security concerns is a combination of prevention, detection, and response, and we offer a host of services to address these issues:

• Business Continuity and Recovery Plans
• Risk Assessments
• Vulnerability Audits
• Security Training
• Implementation of Policy & Procedures
• Security Monitoring
• Network Protection

Securing your IT infrastructure is a continuous race requiring constant vigilance and knowledge to identify potential threats. Our goal is to provide our clients with the means necessary to protect their assets.


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