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One of the biggest ironies of typical corporate systems is in the fact that they contain an abundant amount of useful business knowledge that often goes to waste simply because no one knows it exists. The basic reason is that extracting value from disparate back-end legacy systems, far-flung databases, and odd applications remains difficult.

Creating methods for harnessing corporate information is critical for organizations that need this knowledge as fuel for productivity growth and innovation. System integration brings measurable returns on investment in the form of increased corporate responsiveness, reduction of information redundancy, decreased duplication of efforts, and lower operational costs.

In addition to operational efficiency, higher levels of integration bring higher customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting from more effective service and problem resolution. It also allows organizations to take full advantage of the convergence of multiple communication channels.

We offer different approaches to organizations that desire the benefits of systems integration. By designing modular solutions we offer organizations the ability to focus on the most pressing issues whether it is real-time information availability, data consolidation, task automation, customer self-service, or knowledge management. At the same time we provide our customers control over timing and level of integration that best fit their corporate and investment strategies.

For organizations that have little desire to explore the potential of expanding legacy systems we offer noninvasive “extension approaches”. Extending applications to new environments is the most-common, least-risky and often least-invasive approach. It provides a short-term and low-risk answer to e-business demands by making traditionally internal applications accessible to new external constituents.

Our goal is to build software to connect information, people, systems, and devices. We allow you to protect your existing technology investments, and at the same time, gradually migrate to the very latest integrated solutions.


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