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Now that the web has become an established medium for communication and commerce, the main challenge faced by organizations is finding how to best harness its potential to build strong relationships with customers and increase business opportunities. Choosing among the multitude of options for creating, presenting, and delivering the most appropriate web content is possibly the toughest part of an organization’s Internet strategy.

Geobridge will assist you in strengthening your brand exposure, increasing revenue through e-commerce, improving communications, and enhancing your business processes. We create web sites that creatively and cost-effectively address marketing and sales challenges, and allow companies to provide a rich Internet experiences for all users. Our objective is to create actionable content that always provokes positive responses from consumers.

Our strategy consists in ensuring that all components of the web site architecture such as navigation, structure, brand consistency, and aesthetics are the most appropriate for the medium. We create visually rich components that take into account the realities of limited bandwidth, to provide customers and clients with quick access to critical information and enhance the viewer’s overall experience.

We excel in creating customizable commerce systems for organizations with complex needs that cannot be addressed with pre-packaged entry-level systems. In addition to shopping carts, credit card processing and storefront templates, we provide options such as integration with back-office systems, advanced fulfillment and reporting interfaces, and customized selection for products or services. Our personalization options are not bound by the limitations of off-the-shelf alternatives.

Our approach to design and development has helped many clients meet and exceed their online strategy goals. In each page we build, we take into consideration how the design will impact the promotion and search engine positioning. It is a simple strategy for attracting and bringing more visitors to the site, monitoring these visitors, and creating a higher level of sales conversion.

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